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Bouddi Spa

A luxurious spa sanctuary awaits

Bouddi Spa is a private haven for in-house guests to escape to and de-stress with spa treatments that have been thoughtfully designed to rebalance the synergy between mind, body & soul. Pure Australian botanical products from the premium iKOU skincare range are featured in the spa, offering a true ‘spirit of place’ and deep connection to the earth.

Aboriginal culture recognizes the significance of the elements in terms of their physical, emotional, spiritual and environmental aspects to ourselves. The Bouddi Spa experience aims to bring balance between these elements by combining a range of sensory rituals and therapies selected for their efficiency in purifying, nourishing and relaxing the body as a whole.

Bouddi Spa is open by appointment for in-house guests only. Pre-bookings are essential, prior to check-in.

A haven to escape

Spa Treatments

Treatments can be enjoyed in solitude - See All

A complete holistic relaxation treatment, that begins with a sacred grounding ritual and breathwork to help you find your Zen. Using Eastern facial massage techniques with GuaSha crystal stones and rollers to relax facial muscles and release tension, giving a youthful smoothness to the skin. A selection of iKOU skin food boosters including coconut probiotics and green superfoods, brighten the complexion leaving a luminous glow, a reflection of skin health. Hot and cold temperature therapy is incorporated to promote vascular circulation and product absorption offering healing, calming and rejuvenation benefits.

90 MINUTES / $240

Fresh skin is revealed with a natural AHA sugarcane and fruit enzyme peel. Illuminate the complexion and deliver a powerful active boost of cleansing, green superfoods. Quench thirsty skin with a moisture-locking hyaluronic infusion mask to hydrate skin for a clear, healthy balance. Recommended for revitalising of dull, dehydrated, premature ageing, sun-damaged and acne prone skin, or as a deep cleansing treatment for a skin boost.

60 MINUTES / $180

Tired, rough hands are rescued with this intense, replenishing & indulgent treatment. Hand soak, salt exfoliation, nourishing hand mask, hand/arm massage and full manicure.

$140 - 75 minutes

An indulgent and intensely relaxing treatment. Floral foot bath, salt exfoliation, nourishing foot mask, foot/ leg massage and full pedicure.

$140 - 75 minutes

A classic combination of massage and facial. Our most popular treatment. A sense of renewal and wellness for skin and mind. This journey begins with a mindful moment as you set the intention for your experience by intuitively choosing from one of five aromatherapy oil blends to customise your massage to you. Your skin will then receive the quenching, vitamin boosting benefits of a deep cell hydration facial which focuses on cleansing, exfoliation, serums and mask with tension releasing facial massage.


  • Full body aromatherapy massage (or pregnancy massage)
  • Organic deep cell hydration facial

OPTIONAL UPGRADE: Australian Jojoba & Orange full body scrub – add 30 mins, additional $65

OPTION: Replace full body massage for Australian Jojoba & Orange back scrub & back massage. Perfect for men.

235 - 90 mins

Harmonise and connect mind and body with this wellbeing ritual that is intuitively selected for your needs. Start your journey with an organic body scrub to instantly smooth and hydrate skin. Soothing essential oils are combined with the art of mindful movements and guided breathwork for a deeply relaxing and balancing full body massage. Tension is released through the feet with zone therapy and cooling aromatherapy mask to leave you with a renewed sense of inspiration.


  • Energise & Renew: fresh, uplifting lemon myrtle
  • De-Stress & Calm: relaxing lavender and organic orange


  • Full body scrub
  • Full body massage
  • Foot massage with Cucumber Mask

OPTIONAL UPGRADE: Quandong Deep Conditioning scalp cocoon and head massage – add 30 mins, additional $65

Ground & Balance can also be delivered with pregnancy massage

235 - 90 mins

Invite rest for the mind and replenish energy through the healing powers of the earth. Drift into a state of deep serenity with a quandong hair and scalp mask massage while wrapped snugly in a detoxifying, nutrient rich sea kelp and native clay cocoon. Immerse your senses in a full body wellbeing massage with a luxuriously hydrating botanical soufflé to restore an all over healthy radiance.


– Australian Blue Cypress & Wattleseed Scrub

– Sea Kelp & Native Clay Cocoon

– Quandong & Bergamot Deep Conditioning Scalp Massage

– De-Stress Soufflé Full Body Massage

300 - 2 hours

Unwind and allow your body to receive the healing benefits of deep relaxation. Inspired by the beauty and healing properties of the Australian White Flannel Flower, this popular ritual is a complete head-to-toe degustation of iKOU treatments. Connect with the inner joy that lives within you, and restore a radiant all-over glow. From head to toe, unwind, breathe, relax.


– Organic Coconut & Jasmine Body Polish

– Australian White Flannel Floral Hydrating Cocoon

– Organic Radiance Facial

– Full Body White Flannel Flower Soufflé

– Foot Restoration Massage

300 - 2 hours

60 Minute Treatment – $185
90 Minute Treatment – $215

Bouddi Signature Massage is a deeply relaxing rhythmic body massage inspired by traditional Australian Aboriginal techniques, that work to bring the body back into balance, enhancing mind and body wellness. Together with the use of botanical aromatic oils, spiraling movements and pressure points this massage is the ultimate stress reliever. Create your own journey with your choice of one of five organic iKOU blends. Intuitively guide your mind and body to greater relaxation and energy balance.

OPTIONAL UPGRADE: Quandong deep conditioning scalp cocoon and head massage – add 30 mins, additional $65

$260 pp - 1.5 hours

60 Minute Treatment – $185

90 Minute Treatment – $215

The warming properties of Australian eucalypt, anti-inflammatory arnica & pain-relieving kunzea are infused into a muscle-melting premium oil, that is applied to the body with therapeutic massage strokes and techniques for the pure relief of muscular tightness and tension.

Customised to your specific needs, this massage will help ease aching muscles and clear the mind.

OPTIONAL UPGRADE: Quandong Deep Conditioning scalp cocoon and head massage – add 30 mins, additional $65

From 185 - 60 mins

60 Minute Treatment – $185
90 Minute Treatment – $285 includes Hand & Foot Treatment or Scalp Cocoon add-on

We highly recommend that you check with your physician before booking any spa service when pregnant. For your safety, we do not offer any type of body massage prior to 14 weeks gestation.

A rhythmic body massage inspired by traditional Australian Aboriginal techniques that work to bring the body back into balance therefore enhancing mind and body wellness. Pressure points are omitted for this massage and a relaxing geranium & lavender organic oil blend is used to nourish and hydrate the skin. The style of massage is supremely nurturing and a beautiful experience for the mother-to-be.

From 185 - 60 mins

60 Minute Treatment – $225

90 Minute Treatment – $265

Healing ancient stones from Northern WA are integrated into a massage treatment that is aligned with the rhythmic Bouddi Signature Massage to tone and rebalance energy flow, calm the mind and blissfully relax the body. Your therapist skilfully coordinates the rocks with pressure points and spiralling movements that aim to ground and uplift, working to relieve muscular aches and pains while leaving the body renewed and refreshed. Sublime in its delivery and powerfully healing.

From 225 - 60 mins

Quench thirsty skin for instant visible results with this deeply hydrating express facial featuring super-antioxidant boosters for a fresh, dewy glow. The perfect add-on to a massage or as a stand-alone experience to energise your skin.

155 - 45 mins

Boost luminosity and collagen with a blend of antioxidants, vitamins and emollients that protect against environmental damage and deliver age-defying results. Skin cells are nourished and renewed with Australian Banksia seed oil to work in harmony with the skins natural cycles to restore healthy, balanced skin.

195 - 60 mins

This calming, restorative facial focuses on collagen regeneration to heal, nourish and rebuild skin elasticity using organic & wild-harvested Australian White Flannel flower extract. This secluded escape facial incorporates luxurious aromatherapy scalp, foot, arm and lower leg massage with geranium, lavender & clementine for a deeply relaxing experience.

255 - 90 mins

Incredible 2 nights

I just wanted to reach out to share our thanks for the most amazing 2 nights stay with you. The experience was incredible from the second we arrived! We truely got to unwind, eat amazing meals, drink beautiful wines but most, my husband and I got to connect and LAUGH like we haven't in so long! Having stressful jobs and 2 small kids life is chaos. But PBH allowed us to fully unwind, reconnect and appreciate life all over again. I cannot thank you and the team enough for our beautiful stay ! We will be back!!

Review by Tijana  15/02/2024

Heavenly Escape

Pretty Beach house is an an escape to heaven 90 minutes from Sydney CBD. Food was consistently Michelin Star. Service from Stephen, Christoph, Colin and Manon was impeccable, friendly, respectful and ultimately attentive. As only 4 couples in resort, everything is personalised. Our room (The Retreat) was spacious and well-appointed. Our plunge pool was heated and good to swim, despite unseasonable poor weather. The pool is private. This was our second visit and for the second time there was nothing I could fault. We will be back as soon as practical.

Review by Darryl February 2022

Deserves many Michelin Stars

Thank you and your team for having us at Pretty Beach House. PBH is such a special place to unwind and relax. The cuisine was absolutely phenomenal and deserves many Michelin stars! Enjoy the rest of your winter and looking forward to coming back already.

Review by Jade July 2023

Home Away from Home

Thank you for another really amazing & wonderful stay at Pretty Beach House. I can’t even explain in words how much we enjoyed ourselves and everything about this place is magical, including every wonderful staff member – it feels like a home away from home.

Review by Kelly 17th May 2021

Our Favourite

We had an amazing time in Australia. We really loved the country and the people. Each place we went was wonderful. Ironically our favorite (and the competition was fierce ) was Pretty Beach house. The experience of a 4-couple house with such personal attention has not been duplicated in all my travels. The Treetops room was wonderful. We hope to come back one day. Thank you very much.

Review by Madeleine 18th February 2020

Shall recommend forever!

Good morning! Just wanted to let you know how very, very much we enjoyed our stay at Pretty Beach House! Can’t imagine a more perfect place. The surroundings were fabulous, the food and wine beyond that and the staff so terrific. Shall recommend forever!

Review by Ros January 2020