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What's On in Pretty Beach

This talented crew has good reason to smile. After 2½ years of painstaking work, they're ready to show the world their unique collaboration. The dream team and their boss, ad mogul John Singleton, were devastated when their Central Coast luxury retreat Pretty Beach House burned down in 2012, taking with it irreplaceable Australian art and a beautiful building. Since then, they've been recreating their piece of paradise on the Bouddi Peninsula – and it's poised to open in two weeks' time.

The team of Singleton, interior designer Michelle Leslie, proprietors Karina and Brian Barry, chef Stefano Manfredi and restaurateur Julie Manfredi Hughes, gave S an exclusive glimpse of their new baby – and it's beautiful. A blacksmith who lives off the grid in the Blue Mountains made brass fixtures and local sandstone was carved by a local stonemason. Mud brick walls were lovingly built by hand. However, as you'd expect from a guesthouse that's entertained throngs of celebrities, the earthiness is all wrapped up in uber-luxury. Read more...

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