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Guided Walks

What's On in Pretty Beach

Experience a guided bush walk or cultural tour through the national park based on your fitness level and how far you would like to hike. Our walks are a complete sensory experience including information on local flora & fauna, medicinal plants, traditional bush tucker, storytelling and indigenous activities, including viewings of indigenous art and carvings.
See the extraordinary coastal sandstone cliffs, discover hidden beaches and immerse yourself in the wonders of nature as you meander along our stunning coastline.

We can pack you a picnic lunch, and there are plenty of photo opportunities around every bend. Wildflowers are blooming in Spring (September to November) and you may even see a migrating whale - May to July heading north, or, September to October heading south for the Summer. You may even like to take your bathing costume for a dip in the salty ocean which contains many vital elements for the human body including high levels of magnesium to reduce stress, relax muscles, induce calmness and promote deep sleep.

Guests meet and mingle with inspiring indigenous folk & hear traditional dreamtime stories. Visit one of the many Aboriginal sites that have been recorded in the park which include indigenous rock engravings and other fascinating archaeological deposits. Hear the history of the local Darkinjung culture and begin to take in the knowledge about Aboriginal people’s kinship with the ocean and the land. Learn about traditional bush foods and foods from our native plants that have been used for medicinal purposes in our region. Your expert guide will explain the significance of these amazing cultural sites and provide cultural content using traditional dreamtime wonder.

Or maybe, feel the spirit of the didgeridoo with a traditional dance performance under the stars at Pretty Beach House.

The following walks and tours have been formally approved by NSW National Parks and endorsed by the Darkinjung Land Council and the Guringai Tribal Link Aboriginal Corporation.



1–2 hour Guided Cultural Tour (easy, mostly level track)
Around the property and to Box Head and back
From $330 for 2–8 adults


2–3 hour Guided Cultural Tour (steep in parts)
Around the property to Tallow Beach (unpatrolled and secluded) and back
From $440 for 2–8 adults


2–3 hour Guided Cultural Tour along the Flannel Flower Track (steep, including stairs)
From $440 for 2–8 adults

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