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Recently we were honoured and humbled to host Mr Livio Busatti, 8th generation CEO of Busatti Italy, along with Mr Michelangelo Formica the General Manager of the company, to a delicious long Italian lunch with Stefano Manfredi at Pretty Beach House. Busatti
is an Italian artisan fabric house entrenched in history, culture, authenticity and quality. The Busatti family have been weaving linen
and cotton in Anghiari, Tuscany since 1842.

At Pretty Beach House, we chose to incorporate Busatti textiles - bed linens, guest robes, towels & tableware - into the aesthetic
of the interior design for their authenticity, pure craftsmanship & highest level of quality control. We knew we needed sublime,
high quality products, but to find a partner who shared the same values and beliefs was a perfect privilege.

Speaking with Mr Busatti, who was beaming a glorious smile from just having their first baby girl Francesca, he explains, “Only timeless beloved things become tradition. The Busatti workrooms reveal centuries old experience of the people who work there with great skill and passion.”

Every production phase is carried out in Italy with extraordinary care from the dying, spinning and weaving of the fabrics to each hand
finished piece made in the historical Busatti workshop. Raw threads are treated with olive oil before being spun and custom dyed before
weaving. Shuttle looms slowly insert weft-threads giving a sheen and softness to the fabrics that is so often lost today.

The Busatti respect for artisan handcrafted fabrics is a tradition that renews with each generation. Artisans exercise
their craft with pride, skill and passion which is passed down through centuries of experience.Busatti have garnered
many global clients by using the best local Italian materials. Their creed is to make people understand that the way
to arrange a table, to make a bed, to decorate a house, is to do so by simply living in the Tuscan way.Yarn dyed natural
fibres are soothing and traditional Renaissance designs reveal a beauty, history and culture.

We collaborated with the team at Busatti and chose natural fibre linens to compliment the beauty of the natural surrounds
of Bouddi National Park, in simple earthy colours which relax the eye and make the house feel like a home.

Mr Formica said, "One works with Busatti not for Busatti. We are seen as off the beaten path, in comparison to the large textile companies of China, meaning we are unique, the real deal."

With a creative passion for homes and interiors, Kate Nixon is the Director of Busatti Australia and Interiors Editor of Australian House & Garden Magazine.A
practiced eye for timeless style has led to featured work in International and Australian titles with a
focus on the tailored, the elegant and the classic.She brought beautiful Busatti to Australia in 2007 after
discovering the artisan fabric workroom whilst travelling in Tuscany. "A commitment to excellence and authenticity guides these eight generation craftsmen," she shares. "It is inspirational to bring a product so rich in provenance to the Australian market in a fresh and relevant way."Enjoy a little piece of Pretty Beach House in your home. Our bespoke Busatti | Pretty Beach House Collection
is available for purchase and custom order.

Phone 61 2 9363 4318 [email protected]


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