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What's On in Pretty Beach

48 hours in one of Australia's most luxurious resorts, and it's just 90mins from Sydney.

"It's bucket list-worthy.

Checking in to Pretty Beach House truly feels like checking into paradise. The experience really begins with the scenic drive, twisting and turning
through the stunning leafy Bouddi National Park as you get closer to the luxury hotel and only really ending when you drive back down the cement
driveway and out of the gates on your journey home. Located 90 minutes out of Sydney, Pretty Beach House is set in NSW's divine Bouddi Peninsula
surrounded by the National Park, with certain parts of the property built high enough to look out over the sparkling Brisbane Water. This private
guest house, hidden away on the Central Coast, is one of the most luxurious hotels in Australia. Whether you're after a romantic getaway or a place
to recharge alone, here's what you can expect on a 48 hour stay at this very special property."


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