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Welcome to our blog. Here you will find our latest news, special events and featured articles.

Interiors Addict

11-May-2015 Interiors Addict

Wouldn’t this have been a divine place to be cooped up during our recent storms? Truly the pinnacle of luxury accommodation and hospitality, Pretty Beach House i..

Ultratravel Australia

10-May-2015 Ultratravel Australia

Sitting atop a wooded hill overlooking a distant sparkling bay having only recently opened after the original building was destroyed by fire in 2012. From the ashes emerge..

Love My Way

08-May-2015 Love My Way

Proprietors of Bells at Killcare Boutique Hotel, Restaurant & Spa, Brian and Karina Barry alongside distinguished restauranteurs, Stefano Manfredi and Julie Manfredi Hughe..

Not Quite Nigella

06-May-2015 Not Quite Nigella

Hotels can really be magical places to visit. If a hotel does things well, it can help to re balance a life askew. It can offer tranquility in the eye of a storm and in so..

Polkadot Honeymoons

05-May-2015 Polkadot Honeymoons

Not only does the Pretty Beach House allow you to delve into complete and utter honeymoon bliss but you can also get back to nature and learn ancient dreamtime stories tol..

SMH: Life & Style

03-May-2015 SMH: Life & Style

The team of Singleton, interior designer Michelle Leslie, proprietors Karina and Brian Barry, chef Stefano Manfredi and restaurateur Julie Manfredi Hughes, gave S an exclu..